“The material and the craftsman’s thoughts change together in a progression of smooth, even changes until the mind is at rest at the exact instant the material is right” › Robert PirsigZen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Dave Buckhout

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InHeritage Staff: Dave Buckhout

Dave received a BFA from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). He has over 20 years experience in the interactive and online media industry, having come up through the ranks cranking out design / production for cd-rom, kiosk and laptop presentations before moving into website development and content production. Since 1999, Dave has specialized in site design / development, produced dozens of online presentations and served as an operational manager for a long list of historical societies, preservation organizations, non-profits and commercial ventures.

Dave has been the chief contributor to IH’s online journal: The InHeritage Almanack, writing and producing long-form studies, visual tours / presentations and article-posts revolving around history, travel and the arts.


Kerri McIntire

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InHeritage Staff: Kerri McIntire

Kerri received a degree in English from Indiana University. (Go Hoosiers!) She has almost 30 years of experience in the creative industries having worked as an art model, painter, illustrator and animator. Since 1999, Kerri has served IH as our lead researcher, our chief editor, content producer and office manager. Her script for the 2005 animated children’s tour: “The Birdwatching Expedition,” won a prestigious MUSE Award.

Aside from her contributions to The InHeritage Almanack (including one of our most popular articles: Mother Goose Migrates to America), Kerri also runs a successful furniture and antique reclamation business—and—produces art and writing based on the Ouija & Tarot all through her venture: WITCH HAZEL EMPORIUM.




Granite Eagle on Vinalhaven Island, MaineOne of five majestic granite eagles carved by Vinalhaven stone carvers for the Buffalo Post Office (c. 1898), now proudly displayed on the island’s Main Street.

In the summer of 1999, we took a tour of rugged Vinalhaven Island off the coast of Maine. We learned all about its rich history as one of the key granite sources for the architecture boom of the early 20th century. We had been seeking out like histories for years and finally decided that it all deserved a wider audience. We decided then-and-there to start-up a “digitization service” for local / regional historical organizations. Our plan was to create digital archives of local historic collections and push it all online. Our goal: the preservation and presentation of history as a public trust, Kerri suggesting the spot-on name that would stick “in heritage.” On August 14, we purchased our domain name, giving InHeritage a spiritual birthplace and actual birthdate … We also had created a service years ahead of its time (back when hosting plans were measured in MBs) and out-of-reach for most small organizations.

Luckily, our initial marketing drive uncovered an even greater need: website development for historical organizations. The call for site services was at a fever-pitch in the late ’90s, a fact no less true within the non-profit community. We came to it with a unique advantage: we placed the presentation of content at the core of our efforts. We found organizations and societies that wanted solutions geared towards depth. In addition, the mentioned budgetary limitations had operations searching for solid solutions without an agency price-tag. We put aside our scanners and copy-stands, and trained our focus on: “web design & development for the historical community.”

From the beginning, our clients have come in all sizes … Our initial strategy involved a range of custom-development plans tied to budget-ranges: the entry-level Shaker, mid-road Craftsman and Mission—and our enterprise plan: Empire. (Yes, we are architecture fans!) These were flexible a la carte plans that could match any budget to our custom-development commitment. Key to our budget-matching ability was a talented pool of professionals and strategic partners—each hand-picked for a specific developmental role—and eager to supplement our internal skill-sets … This has been our approach since day one, allowing us to mix-and-match teams across the arc of budget realities.

We have seen technologies come-and-go. HTML 2, 3 and 4 leading to our first attempts at proprietary content-managed systems and a big bear-hug embrace of presentation applications: Flash, XML, Web 2.0, etc. But the advent of open-source CMS was more than an incremental step. It redefined our entire approach and transformed our relationships with our clients. Add to this an emphasis placed on the implementation of client services support (hosting / IT / SEO / e-marketing, etc.) and we had made the jump to: “online operations for historical organizations.”

The dynamism of open-source CMS, responsive-mobile UI design and a broad focus on the service needs of small- to mid-sized non-profit—and commercial—ventures brings us to the present. And though technology and standards are in continual motion and our approach continues to evolve in step, our central inspiration—custom design showcasing the presentation of content—has remained the hook on which we have proudly hung our hats since August 14, 1999.

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