Floating Coats

Since 1998, THE COATS have created an alchemy of the elements of rock-and-roll mayhem, traditional country, experimental psychedelic and the mildly mad mash-up that falls in-between. An all-original band, we take our cue from: George (Jorge) Jones, Hank Williams, Merle (RIP), Americana, Sidney Bechet, Tin-Pan Alley, Dylan, The Stones, The Velvets, Talking Heads, Nick Lowe, The Pixies, Wilco, and our spiritual forebears: The Kinks! Stay tuned to our LO-FI samplings as we shovel it all online ... by the ton!

›  Jim Threlkeld: Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice

›  Joe Peery: Electric-Upright Bass, Drums, Voice

›  Scott Stevens: Drums, Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Voice

›  Dave Buckhout: Electric-Acoustic-Slide Guitar, Bass, Voice

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