Witch Hazel Press is now taking orders for the Mystic Profile, which brings personalized information about your life together into one convenient packet. Each profile includes:

~ Gender specific information about your zodiac sign
~ Information about the tarot card associated with your zodiac sign
~ The meanings of plants and symbols associated with your sign
~ The numerology of your birth name

Knowing the esoteric significance of natal circumstances can give you a valuable look into your inner most tendencies. The Mystic Profile also makes a thoughtful and unique gift. Get one for a friend!

To order, mail your information, including zodiac sign, sex, and full birth name to:

Witch Hazel Press
999 Milam Circle
Clarkston, GA

Include a check or money order for $10.00 + $2.00 postage and handling, totaling $12.00.

Please make payable to INHERITAGE (our parent company.) | *

Any questions? Please contact me at ksmwhp@inheritage.org