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Ranging from the small to the large, the fragile to the durable, Witch Hazel Emporium rescued wares have been spared relegation to the unwanted pile. Whether a wicker cabinet, a wooden bread box, a petite curio shelf or a sizable chest-of-drawers, it’s a piece that showed promise beyond what it had been reduced to by its circumstances. WHE takes these down-on-their-luck treasures and reverses their fortunes with a fresh new look. Browse through our gallery and adopt one today!


Rescued Wares » Talk about good bones! Robin was quite the find. Some scrubbing, a lovely blue coat of paint, and gorgeous pulls brought it all home.

Robin › $100

Rescued Wares » Kermit is a large open front cabinet with a fun color scheme perfect for artful display and storage.

Kermit › $200

Rescued Wares » "Rosabelle" was a neighbor’s kitchen tear-out. Fun colors and a new chalkboard topper transformed her into a cute playroom or studio piece.

Rosabelle › $125

Rescued Wares » Arthur was made as a fish tank holder, but is now all decked out in turquoise and ready to serve as whatever-you-wish. Would look great under a window as a plant stand.

Arthur › $70

Rescued Wares » "Chiffon" wants to be your new gaming partner! She'll store puzzles and board games inside and provide a place to play up top.

Chiffon › $110

Rescued Wares » A vintage filing cabinet salvaged from our own basement, “Merlin” rocks it in red and a new open cubby look.

Merlin › $80

Rescued Wares » "Kacey" was a torn-out kitchen cupboard. Now painted lavender and green with lace shelf lining she is a stand alone cabinet. A glass top I already had fit her perfectly!

Kacey › $130

Rescued Wares » When I picked "Bessie" up off the roadside I never imagined all she needed was a good scrub and some solid carpentry. No paint needed! Now she is ready to serve again.

Bessie › $180


Rescued Wares » I came across “Edgar” on Poe’s birthday (Jan 19) and instead of being made dark and broody he’s ended up a bit bohemian!

Edgar › $175

Rescued Wares » "Lavender," a piece bought from friends who were winnowing their possessions, is sporting a fresh new color and pulls.

Lavender › $85

Rescued Wares » "Jennings" is a mid-sized desk likely made in the 1930s. With some minor repairs and a refinish, "Jennings" is ready for a new home.

Jennings › $200

Rescued Wares » Because he had difficulty standing on his spindly legs when I got him, I named this table "Bambi". Wobbly no more, he has been finished in cherry paint and oak stain.

Bambi › $95

Rescued Wares » Portia was a castaway found on the curb near a vacated house. She was crayon-scribbled, missing a pull, and generally beat to hell. Now she’s sassy in solid lilac pink!

Portia › $75

Rescued Wares » "Violet" was a curbside orphan. She's the first piece I refurbished using a new technique to paint without sanding. A glass cutting board worked as a topper!

Violet › $70

Rescued Wares » "Ambrose" is from a thrift store. Covered in stickers, wax and sporting a burn mark, he must have had quite a history. A colorful paint job and brass knobs renewed him!

Ambrose › $95

Rescued Wares » Bradley was bought in a thrift store. He and Milton were matching pieces until I painted one white and one black :)

Bradley › $75

Rescued Wares » "Greer" was transformed from a battered piece I found at a second-hand store. Now he is repainted and sports a dragon embellishment!

Greer › $80

Rescued Wares » "Milton" and his twin, "Bradley," were a set of tables with wood finishes resistant to restoration. So I rocked the white paint and staged them anew for game nights!

Milton › $75

Rescued Wares » "Abner" was in the basement for years. I stripped his tattered veneer, stained the top and gave him a fresh coat of dark green paint. Truly 'urban cabin'!

Abner › $125

Rescued Wares » "Fiona" began life as a padded bench. I found her rain-soaked on the curb and gave her a new purpose as a table with a 1940s feel!

Fiona › $75

Rescued Wares » Step up and meet “Seymour” — a step stool with a fun compartment. I picked him up at a second hand store where he was in pretty rough shape.

Seymour › $45

Rescued Wares » This is "Iris," a rescue I painted a vivid purple. Fitted with a glass top, she’s ready to serve as a sturdy addition to your decor!

Iris › $80


Rescued Wares » Miles & Selim were found discarded at the side of the street, “Selim” and his twin “Miles” were cleaned up and refreshed with a coat of bright aqua paint. A great pair for display!

Miles & Selim › $85

Rescued Wares » Built as a bread box, “Caleb” (which means dog) once held canine treats. I restored him to his original purpose. The sticker says “Wonder” :)

Caleb › $40

Rescued Wares » Seraphim is sweet wall shelf just made for displaying small treasures and hanging bunches of dried flowers.

Seraphim › $40

Rescued Wares » “Natasha” was a neighborhood walk find. As I carried her home I thought about new color schemes and decided to play against her cheery nature by painting her a dark purple. Striking!

Natasha › $70

Rescued Wares » One of my smaller offerings, “Eudora” is a charming little letter holder named for Eudora Welty and her story “Why I Live at the P.O.” :)

Eudora › $25

Rescued Wares » "Rosetta" is a tiny corner shelf I picked up at an Indiana thrift store. Decorative skeleton keys supplied a neat theme. She works hanging up or as a tabletop accent.

Rosetta › $40

Rescued Wares » Here is a lovely little curio shelf I found at a second hand store. I painted her the same color as "Archie" and named her "Midge." Fans of the comic will understand. :)

Midge › $50

Rescued Wares » "Libi" is a cute little tote ideal for holding your treasures. She is quite charming with her decorative embellishments.

Libi › $30